Pleated, Venetian, Roman, Roller and curtains too. Window coverings should be simple and elegant. Yet when you power them with a Somfy® motor, they become so much more. Our choice of controls gives you added options such as automatic timers, solar power and ultra quiet motors.

And wire-free technology means that fitting is quick and easy and suitable for most types of blinds with no disruption to your decor. Motorised blinds and curtains are perfect for hard to reach windows or those who need a little assistance with everyday tasks. One handset can operate multiple blinds together, and with a timer, you don’t even need to use the remote control.



Smoove® wireless wall-mounted switches
Smoove® wall mounted switches are available in a choice of colours and frame finishes to match your decor.

  • Being battery powered the switches are therefore wirefree so they can be mounted quickly, cleanly and easily.
  • Secure, single channel RTS operates one item such as a window blind or a garage door.
  • 20m range is ideal for operating your motorised blinds anywhere within the home.
  • Touch-sensitive technology responds to the lightest of touch.
  • A discreet tone and light indicator provides instant feedback.
  • Can be used with window blinds, electric curtains, garage doors and patio awnings.

Remote controlled handsets
The ultimate in convenience, our handsets provide a whole host of functions…

  • Single channel radio controls activate a single blind or a group of blinds.
  • Multi channel radio controls activate a number of blinds individually or as groups.
  • Activate your patio awning or garage door from the comfort of your home.
  • Simple up and down arrows activate your chosen blind.
  • ‘My’ button lets you programme a preferred setting for each blind or group of blinds.
  • Available in a selection of colours and finishes.

Light and temperature sensors
Adding a sensor enables your blinds to automatically adjust to control sunlight and temperature.

  • When the sun comes out the sensor will activate the blind to close. When it clouds over, your blinds will automatically open again.
  • Controlling the sunlight helps to prevent furniture and flooring from fading.
  • If the light level and temperature increases, the blinds will automatically lower to help keep rooms cool.
  • Override the sensor settings with your remote control or switch the sensor off with the on/off switch on the facia of the sensor*.

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